Letter to a Bank Manager for Getting an Overdraft Facility

When you are in business, funds are very much essential. Overdraft is one such facility by banks using which you can easily have funds to deal with your requirement of money. If you are also in need to some financial help then you can write a formal letter to the bank manager seeking overdraft facility for a certain amount against your account.

Here is a sample example of a letter to a bank manager for getting an overdraft facility. Use this format to create your personalized draft with essential points which need a mention.

Example Letter to a bank manager for getting an overdraft facility

Andrew Cullen

XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

123 Prospect Ave, Apt 111

Ph: 123-456-78

Date: 29th December, 2015

John Smith
Bank Manager
ABC Bank Pvt. Ltd.
123 Park Avenue

Sub: Requirement of overdraft facility

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that our company has been maintaining a current account (CA Ac No. 111223345) with your bank from last seven years. You can verify our company’s financial performance using the account ledger.

Presently, our company requires an overdraft facility of $ 10,000 (Dollar Ten Thousand Only) for duration of one year as we are planning on repair and renovation of our factory which has been due since long.

If you demand then we can also offer some term deposit receipts as security. I would request to please treat the matter as urgent and reply at the earliest. In case you need information concerning the same then please contact me at 123-456-789.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cullen


XYZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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