How to write a Letterhead: Download letterhead Format

The letterhead is the heading of the letter that clearly states your professional background. It is important to use the letterhead while communicating with others in the business field to give it a professional look. Many spend dollars to make their own letterhead as to build an impression before the recipient in order to show that the company maintains important data, which is necessary for any business communication. The professional letter format examples should contain the letterhead of the sender.

Generally, a company letterhead contains the company name, its logo, address, email, phone number, fax details and other important information that the company wants to give its recipient. Each letterhead template makes a different appeal so a company should create a unique letterhead, which is attractive and interesting to the reader. Apart from the visual appeal, make sure that your letterhead contains all the important data regarding your company so that the recipient does not find difficulty to contact you in case of need.

You can make your letterhead format template with a professional, but if you want to make it yourself, you need to follow some simple steps to complete the task. So rather than leaving this responsibility to another, it is better to make your letterhead as per your use.

Tips no how to write a letterhead:

Microsoft office has everything to create your letterhead in a word format; what you need to do is follow some steps to complete the process.

  1. Before starting work with Microsoft word, you need to make a clear sketch of your letterhead in a paper that includes all the important data regarding your company.
  2. Open a Microsoft word document and you need to set up the page margin on which you are making the letterhead.
  3. According to the word version, you should proceed further. If you are using 2007, then go the “insert “option and choose header for creating a space on top of the letter where you write your letterhead. For the 2003 version, click edit header from the header option in the Insert list.
  4. Type your letterhead within the space, which includes your company’s name, address, email, and fax details. A company can choose the letterhead according to its needs. To make your letterhead attractive, use the font type, color and shape. Your company’s name should have big font size as compared to other segments’ sizes. Press enter to spate the each element in the text box
  5. To add logo in your letterhead, select “picture” in the “insert” tab and then click browse to select the logo. You can adjust the size and the position of your logo in the letterhead text box.
  6. For giving your letterhead a different look from the rest of the page, you can use a solid line that separates your company’s information. Go to the shapes option in the insert tab and choose the solid arrow from the drop down list. Drag the line to draw it on your document.
  7. To add a tagline of your company in the letter, go to the header option in the insert tab. Then click the home option in the menu bar for selecting centered text option in the paragraph section. Type your tag line as per your company’s format.
  8. To view your letterhead, you can press Escape to come out from the header and footer option and then save your template on the hard drive.

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