We all know that becoming a CA is no joke. There are so many of us who are wanting to know how to become a Chartered Accountant after 12th because it is a reputed professional course.
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Becoming a Chartered Accountant is definitely a dream for every Commerce student in India but only very few of them have the potential for it.
Chartered Accountant is a prestigious course to opt for but due to the amount of time and dedication it demands, students are often scared of pursuing it.
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TDS or Tax Deduction at Source, as the name suggests, is a deduction from your salary or any other kind of income which is required to be deposited with the government within a specific period of time.
Microsoft Excel is surely a savior for CAs as it makes their job a lot easier. With so many Excel formulas for accounting and finance professionals, they can manage their workload with ease.
If you wish to change the name of your nominee in your bank account then you have to write a formal application letter for change of nominee in saving bank account.
If the invoice that you have received from your supplier has some kind of error in it then you can always ask for a revised invoice by writing a formal letter to supplier for wrong billing.