Sample Legal Letter for Breach of Contract Format

Breach of contract happens when any of the agreed upon terms of a binding contract have been violated by any of the parties and in such a scenario a legal notice for breach of contract is sent to the party which has committed the violation. The notice of breach letter is a simple letter which includes the violation that has occurred and ask for explanation for the same.

In this post, we have come up with a sample legal letter for breach of contract. You can simply follow this notice of breach of contract letter template in order to draft your own letter with ease and convenience.

Notice of Breach of Contract Letter Format


Brandy Gibbs


Prime Finances Ltd.


Date: December 08th, 2022


Mr. Anthony Smith


Zenith Technologies


Dear Mr. Anthony,

I am writing this letter to discuss about the contract that was signed between Zenith Technologies and Prime Finances on April 10th, 2022 that Zenith Technologies is going to design and handover the Easy Finance app to Prime Finances by September 30th, 2022.  On your request, we mutually decided to further shift the date to November  21th, 2022 because of some problems at your end.

Till date, I have not been handed over with the app that was supposed to be launched this month and everything was planned in accordance to that. There was an app launch event that was scheduled for November  21th, 2022 for which the event was designed and planned but because of the delays at your end, everything is unclear. My whole team is waiting for the final handing over of the app so that we can launch it as planned.

I must highlight that because of this delay my company is suffering serious financial loss. Advances have been made to the event team and the event seems to be not happening on the scheduled date. This is extremely unprofessional and might as well attract us a bad name with our clients as well who are looking forward for the launch of the app and are also excited to use it.

There have been repeated phone calls made to your company, hundreds of mails have been written but despite all the support from our end, you have not been able to deliver us our product. Therefore, due to all these reasons you are in breach of the contract that was signed between us.

You may get in touch with me immediately and explain me the situation along with the date by when you can deliver me the app. In case you fail to get back to me by November  21th, 2022 1pm, I will be compelled to take a legal action against you and your company.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Brandy Gibbs

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