Letter Asking Bank for Advice on Investment

It is always beneficial to seek advice from professionals while making investments. This will keep your money safe and you will enjoy greater returns. Learn to write a formal letter asking bank for advice on investment using the sample given below. Mention the amount of money you are keen on investing so that you can get to know about the best deals in the market.

Create a personalized letter using the format given below which makes the task easier for you.

Format of Letter Asking Bank for Advice on Investment

Mary Simpson

62nd Park Street,

New York

Phone : 0011 – 1234567

Fax : 0011 – 1234567

Mr. Jimmy Jack,

Branch Manager,

National Bank

191 Wall Street

New York

23 June, 2014

Dear Mr. Jack,

RE : Investment enquiry (A/C 1234-5678)

An amount of $ 50,000 has been credited in my account which I have received on selling my property in the countryside.

To make the optimum use of this amount, I wish to invest some part of it in some healthy and beneficial scheme but I am not much aware of the investment schemes. I would be glad if you could suggest some worthwhile investments that will be beneficial for me.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Simpson

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