Letter for Leasing Equipment

Not every time businesses can block their money in making huge investments. So for this they look out for taking equipments they need on lease which saves their money and doesn’t even causes any kind of loss in the business. Learn to draft such a letter which confirms the lease equipment proposal in a formal manner containing all the necessary information like the name of the equipments, the model numbers, price etc.

Here is an example of letter for leasing equipment which will guide you in the right direction to create your own letter in a professional manner without missing on any important information.

Sample Letter for Leasing Equipment

James Technology,

567 Park Street


Date: 30th July, 2014


Leisure Hotels
B 15 6th Block
Jackson Street

Dear Sir,


This is in context with the recent telephone conversation that we had on 28.06.14. I would like to confirm the leasing of a personal computer (PC) and a printer. Please find the completed application forms for the same attached with the letter.

I request you to please prepare the lease documents for the following computers and printer. The specifications are as follows:

1. MNI Personal Computer Model P6-443-1
Serial Number : MNI/2345/1233
Cost : $ 1250.00

2. AP Laserjet Printer Model : 6p
Serial Number : 983220-2344
Cost : $ 650.00

Company :

James Technology,

567 Park Street


Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

Julia Thatcher

(Managing Director)

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