Letter Asking Employees to Fill a Form

From time to time, companies require employees to fill different types of forms for different reasons. In order to inform about form filling to the employees, it is important to send letters to them. Do not forget to state the reason. Such letters are short and contain all the essential information.

Given below is a sample letter asking employees to fill a form. Use this template to create a personalized letter on your company’s behalf.

Sample Letter Asking Employees to Fill a Form



XYZ Development Bank

42 Richmond Street,

New York

Date: 25th August, 2016


All Employees,

XYZ Development Bank

Sub: Filling of Form

As per the new amendment in the Human Resource Department, all the employees are required to fill in ATP Form. This form is to be filled by all employees and it includes complete details about you and your family.

You are requested to fill this form by 10th September 2016 and hand it over to the Human Resource Department. In case of any query, please get in touch with Mr. Robert Smith, Human Resource Department.


Adam Gibbs


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