Letter Notifying Bank of Removal Of Signing Officer

In business, there are instances when the signing officer is removed. In such a scenario, it becomes very important on behalf of the businesses to inform their banks about the removal of the signing officer so that the bank can manage its process accordingly and no financial transactions can take place. Use the sample of letter notifying bank of removal of signing officer given below as a thread line to draft a personalized professional letter which contains all important instructions for the bank in context of the same.

Here is the template which can help you do the same….

Format of Letter Notifying Bank of Removal Of Signing Officer

Adam Artifacts

52 3rd Block

Richmond Street

New York

27th November, 2014

John Smith,

Bank Manager,

National Bank,

1234 Park Avenue

New York

Dear John Smith,

This is to inform that we have recently removed Mr. Leo Jackman, Finance Manager as a signing officer on our bank account no. 123/98765 with immediate effect. I request you not to honour any checks or any other account authorizations signed by him that bear a date on or after the date of this letter as he no longer enjoys the authority of signing any documents on behalf of our company.

I also request you to please update your records with the same.

Also note that all other signing officers, except the one mentioned above, as per your records, remain the same.


Indy jones

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