Expense Report Template for Microsoft Excel Format

An Expense Report Template is to track the spending of the business and also reimburse the same. There are all kinds of Expense Report Excel Templates available that include travel expense report template designed especially for travelling expenses and Simple Expense Report Template created for various other expenses. Using an expenses spreadsheet template excel, you can maintain complete record of the expenses incurred and track them down when needed. This kind of expense form template for small business is a great way of managing and maintaining records on expenses.

What is the use of expense report?

The purpose of expense report is to record all the spending of an organization in an organized manner so that each and every expense can be tracked down and also reimbursed. It forms a very important part of accounting.

What are the Uses of Expense Report?

An expense report can be used by different departments to record their respective expenses. For example, a travel expense report is required to be created when an employee travels on behalf of the company and it includes all the expenses made under lodging, food, travelling, fuel etc.

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