Domicile Certificate format for PAN Card in Karnataka

To apply for the Pan card, everyone should undergo a process stipulated by the government of a state that works as a domicile certificate of the applicant. After considering all the statement, your application for the PAN card is accepted. In Karnataka, the government issued a domicile certificate to all PAN card applicants, which needs to be filled with proper document to prove the statement. The concerned department checks the form along with the submitted documents and then it provides the domicile certificate that can be produced to apply for the PAN card.

The domicile certificate contains information regarding the applicant, including his/her date of birth. It also asks the applicant to submit the document that proofs his/her statement, such as ration card, school leaving certificate and other documents.

Here a format is provided to guide the people for getting the domicile certificate format for PAN card in Karnataka.

Click Here To Download Domicile Certificate format for PAN Card in Karnataka

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