Employee Tax Certification Letter

Learn to draft professional Employee Tax Certification Letter using the sample given below. It is a formal way of recovering the over-collected taxed by the Internal Revenue Service in order to correct your payroll records and keeping you free from debts.

Use this template to create a customized letter which demands authorization of the State by the candidate for receiving refunds on excessive taxes.

Sample of Employee Tax Certification Letter


Ryan Reynolds

62, Sunshine Apartments,

52nd Street,

New York

Adam Thomas

Agency Payroll Officer,

New York

Subject: Employee’s Tax Certification

Date: 21.06.14

Tax Year: 2012-14

In order to recover over-collected taxes paid in the prior calendar year under social security and Medicare head, the Internal Revenue Service’s Publication 15, Circular E, Employer’s Tax Guide, needs your employer, the State of New York, to obtain a signed statement certifying that you have not requested for, and will not request, any refund or credit from IRS for the over-collected taxes.

This memorandum will act as the required certification. By signing it, you are authorizing the State of New York to correct your financial records concerning social security and Medicare for the prior year and you are also authorizing them to receive refund of excess taxes paid on your behalf, which includes the employer’s matching portion.

In case, the State is not able to receive this signed statement from you; any over-collected taxes the State is unable to recover from the IRS may be considered a debt that you owe the State of New York.

Thank you for your co-operation in correcting your payroll records with IRS and the Social Security Administration.

Employee’s signature: _____________________________

Social Security Number: ____________________________

Department/Division: ______________________________

Date: ___________________________________________

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