Letter to The Bank Authority Complaining About Rude Staff

There are times that the staff at the bank doesn’t behave in a polite and professional manner. Such incidents must be reported to the bank manager so that required steps can be taken and there is a check on the dealings of the staff with the customers. If you have also faced such a problem and you are confused about how to put this problem forward to the bank manager then here is a formal letter to solve your confusion. Learn to draft a professional letter to the bank authority complaining about the rude staff.

Use the template given below to write your own letter which states the name, designation and the kind of behavior he showed towards you. Use this letter as a base to draft a personalized letter stating the incident in short manner.

Sample Letter to The Bank Authority Complaining About Rude Staff


Samuel Peterson

52 3rd Block

Richmond Street

New York

30th oct, 2014


The Manager,

National Bank,

1234 Park Avenue

New York

Subject: Regarding rude behavior of the staff

Dear Sir,

The purpose of this letter is to complain about the rude treatment from your staff I received while patronizing . While conducting a business transaction on 01st July, 2014, Mr. Tom Reynolds, the teller really misbehaved with me without any reason while I was depositing the cash. Though I am usually not the one to complain but I found his behavior extremely unprofessional which is why I thought of bringing it to your notice because I knew that you would want to know about it and will surely take some measures to rectify the problem.

I have been an active customer at your bank since 2001 and I have always been satisfied with the kind of service I have received there. I really hope that this episode was a “fluke” and that it will not happen again in future.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Samuel Peterson

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