Sample Letter of Financial Support

If you wish to help a child with his education then you can always help him by sponsoring his educational expenses. To do the same, one needs to write a formal letter to the university which mentions about the financial support that one wishes to extend to the student. Here is a sample of a letter of financial support which contains all the useful information like the name of the child to whom you want to support along with the course for which he wants to enroll. One must also attach his relevant financial documents which can reflect the financial standing.

Use this template to create your personalized letter in a professional manner.

Letter of Financial Support Example

Shrelyn Moore

54th B Block,

Richmond Street,

Ney York

28th June, 2014

University of Michigan

500 S. State Street,

Ann Arbor,

MI 48109 USA

Dear Mr. Bridget,

I, Shrelyn Moore, will be providing Adam Peterson with complete financial support during his course of studies at the University of Michigan. I am aware that the cost of attending the Business Administration program at the University of Michigan is in approximately $ 25,000 per year. I have enough financial funds to sponsor Adam Peterson in his under-graduate education.

Please find my relevant financial documents attached with the mail for verifying my financial standing. In case, you need any other documents or information from my end then please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 023-98653242.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Shrelyn Moore

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