Sample Property Tax Assessment Appeal Letter

It is very important that your property tax assessment is done with precision. But sometimes, you may come across some discrepancies which emerge in the process. In order to highlight these problem areas, it is must to write a formal property tax assessment appeal letter to the tax department as an appeal to conduct a fair and precise tax assessment of your property.

Below is a sample of property tax assessment appeal letter which will guide you on how to create a formal and informative appeal letter which highlights all the discrepancies and takes into account all the problem areas effectively.

Sample Format of Property Tax Assessment Appeal Letter


Albert James
Tax Assessment Manager
Tax Department

15th November, 2014

Subject: Property tax assessment appeal letter

Respected Sir,

I am penning this letter in reference to the property tax assessment form that was sent by your bank to me on 08th November, 2014. I appeal from you to please provide me with the tax assessment of the following property: Flat no.25, Second Floor, Richmond Apartments, Part Avenue Street, Buckingham.

After undergoing my property record and worksheet, I came across few discrepancies in the tax assessment which are as follows:

a) As mentioned in the worksheet, I own 1,200 sq feet of living area but in reality I just own 1,000 sq feet of living area.

b) It is mentioned in the worksheet that I possess a fireplace but that fireplace does not belong to me.

I would also like to underline the following comparisons through this property tax assessment appeal letter:

c)     The comparable property which is located at flat number 22 has the same characteristics but there is a vast difference in the value of tax assessments. The assessed taxes of my property have higher values compared to that of the flat number 22.

I request you to please pay a prompt attention to this property tax assessment appeal and send me the response at your earliest convenience. I look forward for accurate and precise assessments. In case, you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to call me at 5676456.

Thanking you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

William Scrooge

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