30 Days Notice to Vacate Letter from Landlord

The purpose of writing a 30 days’ notice to vacate letter is to send a formal notice to the tenant by the landlord to vacate the rented property within a duration of 30 days. Landlords notice to vacate letter is written in order to give 30 days to the tenant in order to move out of the rented premises. This is a very simple letter and can be framed easily.

Given below is the tenant notice to vacate. Use this 30 days’ notice sample letter from landlord to create a personalized letter to send to your tenant.

30 Days’ Notice Letter from Landlord to Vacate

Adarsh Swami

53 Rajori Garden

New Delhi

Date: 26.05.2018


Mr. Rakesh Gupta

B-490, Western Plaza

New Delhi

Sub: 30 Days’ Notice to Vacate Letter

Dear Mr. Gupta,

This is letter in context of the residential property that you rented with me on 1st June 2014 for five years. This is a formal 30 days’ notice to vacate this property latest by 15.06.2018.

I myself need to shift in this apartment the next month because I had to retire from my job voluntarily because of some health issues. That’s why I need the apartment vacated within 30 days.

As per our rental agreement as well, I can ask you to vacate the property within 30 days. Therefore, in case you fail to vacate the apartment within this duration then I will be compelled to take the required legal action against you.

Please share a list of all the damages or destruction in the apartment. I would also like to visit the apartment anytime this week so that I can have a look at everything myself. Do let me know the best time for you. For any further details, you can get in touch with me at +91-98980-12345.

Thanking in anticipation.


Adarsh Swami

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