15 Important Points to Consider While Buying Insurance Plan

Buying a term insurance is an important decision and therefore, there are various important points to keep in consideration before freezing any particular cover. But if you have no idea how to go about taking this significant decision then you are at the right place.

This is a comprehensive term insurance buying tips. All important things to know before buying a term insurance have been included in this post which makes it an easier thing for any person. If you don’t know what to look for when buying term life insurance then read on the important things to check before buying a term plan.

We have included some essential points that must always be considered:

The sooner, the better

The earlier you purchase the policy, more profitable it is because with passing of time, not only the premium amount will increase but if you have some disease then getting a policy will become more challenging.

Keep the term till the age of retirement

When you are young, you have to shoulder more financial responsibilities and by your age of retirement, these responsibilities reduce. Therefore, the need for bigger cover also decreases as you are no more the significant contributor to your family income.

Regular Vs. Single premium policies

It is always better to opt for regular premium policies, the best being yearly premium. The agent will try and convince you to go with single premium but it doesn’t make any sense, so don’t go with it.

Increase in premium is good

Sometimes you are asked to pay an extra premium because you are in the high risk category. Some of us might delay the decision or simply opt out but it is not a good idea. The best thing is to pay the higher premium which is actually quite fair if you look at it from the perspective of the insurance company.

“Per Day Premium” are not good

Per Day Premium may sound pocket friendly to you because that is how it is advertised but should be avoided because it is mostly applicable on a specific age bracket and comes with a limited tenure. It is nothing but a marketing gimmick by the insurance companies.

Small Insurance Cover is not a good idea

If you are planning to go with 10 or 20 lacs cover then it is too small a cover. You must go with higher cover but don’t think that 1 crore is good enough. You must go with the highest values depending upon the amount of premium you can afford.

Consider Claim Settlement Ratio of Insurance Company

This is a very important point to consider. You can have a look at the data of claim settlement ratio because mostly the private insurance companies have small claim settlement ratio compared to that of PSUs.

Inclusions of Insurance Policy

It is normally seen that most of the people don’t even study what are the key clauses of the policy they are purchasing. Make sure that you take some time out and read them all thoroughly to know where you are heading.

Exclusions of insurance policy

You must also study this important point because if you miss out on these then the whole purpose of having an insurance policy gets defeated.

Reveal if you are a smoker or alcoholic

Many of us choose to hide if we are into smoking or consuming alcohol but the right thing to do is to reveal it because if you hide it, you are actually breaching the contract and there are chances of your claim getting rejected at the final stage.

Share your Family’s Health History

It is equally important to share your family’s health history. Some of us hide it thinking that it will affect our premium but in the long run, it helps us.

Share your Health Conditions

If you have any health issues then you must share the same. Especially if you have undergone some surgery or operation, that must always be shared with the insurance company.

Basic version of term insurance is the best

Though markets have various kinds of term plans these days but going with the basic plan which pays the lumpsum at the time of death is the best pick.

Check the policy papers

Once you get the policy papers in your hands, make sure that you check them for the smallest of the details to make sure that everything on the records is as it was discussed. If there is any error, make sure that you reach out to the company and have it corrected.

Share with your family

You must always share it with your family that you have bought an insurance policy so that at the time of need, they can use it.

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