Major highlights of companies bill 2012

Companies Bill, 2012, after a very long journey and with many stumble blocks, has finally seen the light of day
in Lok Sabha. After much speculation and eagerness on the subject, Lok Sabha finally approved the Bill on the
night of 18th December, 2012.As we all know, Companies Bill, 2012 is meant to replace the existing Companies Act of 1956. Companies Act,
1956, one of the most important legislation governing all companies in India is already 56 years old and much
deserves the retirement that the bill proposes to give it.Companies Bill, 2012 is a vibrant initiative, a bill which promises a better tomorrow in the form of increased
investor participation and protection, tighter disclosure and fraud containment measures and a greener


Companies Bill 2012 passed by Lok Sabha on 18th December 2012 at 10.46 P.M.

Companies Bill 2011 introduced in Lok Sabha on 14th December 2011

Report of Standing Committee on Finance on Companies Bill, 2009 introduced in the Lok Sabha on 31st August

Companies Bill 2009 reintroduced on 3rd August 2009, referred to SCF for further process

Companies Bill, 2008 introduced in the Lok Sabha on 23rd October 2008 to replace Existing Companies Act, 1956

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