Intimation under section 245 for ay 2007-2008

Discussion in 'Notification' started by Ca Danny, Nov 8, 2013.

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    I have received a Intimation under section 245 for year 2007-2008 from ITO Pune. Whereas I had filed my return for the concerened year & have acknowledgement for the same. My F-16 states the cheque number & challan number through which my employer had deposited the TDS. Additionaly there was refund in my case which I got a year later which is not visible in my 26AS of AY 2010-2011. I approached the ITO Pune with all these details & gave an application. Now ITO Pune officials saying that they can't see any of the records for AY 2007-2008 & asking me to contact the ITO NOIDA where I had filed my return for any proof that they had processed my return. I insisted that without processing my IT return how can I get the refund which is now quite visible in my 26AS form of subsequent year but it was of no use, please suggest how can I get this demand nullified?

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