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    They reaction three hundred fourteen causing biological mutation in your weaving systems of the body three hundred seventy-six college canon_ eye irritation one hundred forty eight could cause tumors in laboratory animals and two hundred eighteen reproductive complications out of the ten thousand-plus chemical viewed in cosmetics ten thousand only eleven percent had been a fast for their health and safety by the f_d_a_ or other government agency the :)lipo g3 garcinia cambogia :) environmental working group indeed database said that one-third of all personal care products campaign at least one chemical as a link to cancer because the personal care industry could under a regulated winter the former physical industry that heavily rep regulated by three fop lament code that can be heavily regulated personal care because you don't put these products in your mouth we don't think we do is under regulated which is why so many of these chemicals get in these products and in our body without giving us second thought to be sure there is a way I think use of toxic chemicals in personal care products today and if you look at some of them on the shelf for the finance department stores you will see ingredient artificial colors you'll see many other ingredients like polyethylene glycol or prepared the list goes on and on sodium laurylsulfate be there to talk to him and deeds need not enter.
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