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    Please help me with these two capital gains sums: Mr A tranfers a plot of land for a consideration of Rs 18 lacs on 15.12.12. This land was purchased by him in 1994-95 for Rs 436000. Brokerage paid for sale is 24000. He purchased fr rs 250000 residential flat on 30.04.12. Determine the taxable capital gain fr AY 13-14. Answer given is 293539 but I am not getting it. Q2. Ms sivapriya inherited a vacant land during 81-82 which was purchased in 1979 by her father. The mkt value was rs 2 lacs on 1.4.81. During apr'12 she entered into an agreement to sell the land & received an advance of Rs 14lacs. She purchased a house property in sept'12 for rs 15lacs. Registration & stamp suty exps for purchase amounted to rs 166000. She ultimately sold d land in aug'12 n received the balance consideration of rs 20lacs out of which brokerage of rs68000 was paid. Find out capital gains. Ans given is rs814000. Please show me how they

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