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Discussion in 'Students Articleship' started by varun, Apr 7, 2014.

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    I searched for many CA offices to join articles and finally found one But it is partnership firm with two partners of which one is an active partner and the other is sleeping parnter when i prepared the forms and papers to register for articles the active partner told me to put articles under the sleeping partner and work under him(the Active one) My problem is that when i asked about the sleeping partner to two of the students already pursuing articles under the sleeping partner they told that the sleeping partner is looking after his own business and not involved in office work and ultimately not in practice So I want to know whether if i put articles under sleeping partner " Will it be troublesome as i have read that a student should undergo articles only under a practising CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT " Someone please Guide me plzzzzzz.....................its very urgent , based on your guidance only i can put articles

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