Download Printable GST Filing Date Chart in PDF Format

Quick to download printable date chart for filing GST as per the regulations. An easy to understand date chart including different kinds of returns along with their date of filing and who files the return. This is the best way to understand that what all returns a person or a company need to file and on what date in order to organize their working as per the Goods and Service Tax Act. Download this chart and place it in your office to make sure that you don’t miss on these important dates.

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GST – Delivery Challan Format in PDF

A well drafted delivery challan format designed in accordance with guidelines mentioned in Goods and Service Tax. Refer to this format which is easy to customize as per requirements of your company.  This delivery challan includes all the important details that are required for delivery such as Consignor’s Name and Address, Product Description, GST Applicable etc. To enjoy hassle free working, use this sample for your business.

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Negative List of Services Under GST

A list of all those activities or transactions given under Schedule III of CGST that must not be treated either as supply of services or supply of goods. There are in total 8 such activities which have been included under the negative list issued by the department under GST. Use this list to have best of clarity on activities which fall under Schedule III of GST to avoid any confusion or complication.

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GST Tax Invoice Format in Excel

A foolproof GST tax invoice format to help companies to create their own format based on this sample. You may utilize this bill format to have a custom made invoice ready for your company as per the guidelines of GST that need to be kept in mind. This is a proper invoice format which is required to be followed by every seller. Every information included in this sample is essential and must not be skipped.

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GST Invoice Format for Domestic & Export in Excel

GST invoice format for domestic tax invoice and export invoice comprising of all the important details concerning seller, buyer and purchase. Use this sample template for creating a customized invoice for your firm in case of domestic sales or sales outside India. This is a complete format as per GST guidelines to help you carry out your business seamlessly using this invoice format which is designed for exporters and other sellers.

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