PAN Changes / Correction Autofill Form in Excel Format New July 2018

If you wish to make any changes in your PAN then with revised PAN card form you can make it happen. It is a user friendly correction autofill form which makes making changes to your PAN so easy and quick and the best thing is that it is based on the new format for July 2018. This revised PAN card form saves your times and prevents you from making any kind of errors.

New PAN Card Correction Form in Excel format with free download makes it easy to use format. New PAN card form in Excel Autofill sheet can be downloaded and used as per your requirements without having to toil.


GST Penalty Calculator in Excel Format – GST Late Fee Calculator

If you have been unable to pay your GST by the last date then you will have to face GST penalty charges in response to GST late fees notification. Of course, we cannot derive these charges based on our knowledge and therefore, we need GST penalty calculator. With GST late payment interest calculator, you can find out the exact amount you have to pay as penalty for the delay.

To help you with this issue, we have come up with an easy to download GST Penalty Calculator in Excel format. You can use this format which helps you know the GST late fee amount without any hassles.

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GST Interest and Late Fee Calculator Download in Excel Format

If because of whatever reasons, you have not been able to pay your GST on time and you are worried about calculating GST interest and late fee that you have to submit then worry no more as we bring to you easy to use GST late payment interest calculator. With this GST late fee calculator online, you can find out the payments you are suppose to make to the tax department.

Use this free to download GST interest calculator in Excel format which helps you find out the late fee. Know the exact interest and late fee you are suppose to pay as the defaulter.


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Declaration for Authorised Signatory for GST in Word Format

GST Declaration for Authorized Signatory is an official document that is signed by the business promoters. The purpose of this form is to authorize and nominate one particular person from their business who will be the authorized signatory to complete all formalities in relation with Goods and Service Tax. Proprietorship, Company, Society, Trust etc. can use this GST declaration format to make one particular person the authorized signatory and after that he will be responsible for all the actions. Likewise, there is Declaration of Independence Format which is another kind of official document.

Use the Declaration for Authorized Signatory Format and Template drafted in Word format. Easy to download and customize GST Declaration format in Word has been designed to make things simpler for you. Likewise, we also have Declaration Format for GST refund.

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Request Letter Format for GST Refund – Application GST Refund Letter

If you are entitled for GST refund then all you need is a professional GST refund letter format to submit your GST refund application with the department. This might sound a little complicated to you as it is for the first time you are submitting your request for refund. But with declaration format for GST refund, covering letter format for GST refund and undertaking format for GST refund, you can conveniently submit a formal application,

We bring to you a perfect Request Letter Format for GST refund in Word and PDF format. Use this easy to download and customize GST refund application to create a personalized letter with no hassles.

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