GST Payment Voucher Format in Excel for Payments Under Reverse Charge

Each and very recipient who has his company registered under GST requires to issue a GST payment voucher for the transactions made, either goods or services, on which reverse charge to the supplier is applicable. Accountants, businessmen are in search of correct payment voucher GST in India to carry out their business activities with ease. With finely designed payment voucher format under GST in Excel, you can keep the business processes running smooth. These advance receipt voucher format have been designed in compliance with GST regulations.

To make it easier, we have ready to use payment vouchers for GST India. Click and download GST Payment Voucher Format in Excel under Reverse Charges for smoother business.

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Formal Letter to Request A Room in Company Guest House

There are various companies which have their guest houses in different cities which can be used by company officials. If you also need to stay at Company’s Guest House or have some other company official stay there then you are required to submit a formal application for room to the concerned person. In your request letter for guest house, you must include the dates of visit, the name of the person visiting the guest house etc. to ensure smoother allocation of room.

Given below is a formal format for request letter for guest house. Use this sample letter for create a personalized letter to write a letter on your own.

Format for Letter Requesting Room at Company Guest House


R.K. Sharma

H.R. Manager,

Advent Software Pvt. Ltd.


Date: 11.06.2018


Mr. Radha Krishnan

Guest House Incharge

Nainital (UK)

Dear Mr. Krishnan,

I would like to inform you that Mr. Girish Kumar, Production Manager in our Company will be visiting Nainital on 25th July, 2018.  He is visiting Nainital for a holiday with his family and will be staying at the Company Guest House for four days i.e. from 25th to 28th July, 2018. He is expected to reach there by 2p.m. by his car.

Please allocate two rooms for his family on the above mentioned dates at the guest house and ensure that all the arrangements are taken care of. For any other query, you can get in touch with me at +91-98989-12345.


R.K. Sharma

H.R. Manager,

Advent Software Pvt. Ltd.

Click Here To Download Formal Letter to Request A Room in Company Guest House in Word Format

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Easy GST Bill Format for Non-Taxable Goods & Services in Excel

GST has been passed and businesses are preparing themselves for the big change. After educating our followers on Calculation of GST on Purchase or Sale of Foreign Currency and sharing with them ready to use GST Invoice for Service Provider in Excel and GST Invoice Format in Excel for Job Work, we have now come up with Invoice format under GST in India. With readymade GST tax invoice formats, you can comfortably concentrate on your business. In past, we have also discussed GST Tax Invoice Rules Format and now we have GST invoice excel template for non-taxable goods and services so that issue invoices to your clients and customers quick and easy.

If your offerings come under non-taxable category then click and download GST bill format for non-taxable goods and services created using Excel.


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30 Days Notice to Vacate Letter from Landlord

The purpose of writing a 30 days’ notice to vacate letter is to send a formal notice to the tenant by the landlord to vacate the rented property within a duration of 30 days. Landlords notice to vacate letter is written in order to give 30 days to the tenant in order to move out of the rented premises. This is a very simple letter and can be framed easily.

Given below is the tenant notice to vacate. Use this 30 days’ notice sample letter from landlord to create a personalized letter to send to your tenant.

30 Days’ Notice Letter from Landlord to Vacate

Adarsh Swami

53 Rajori Garden

New Delhi

Date: 26.05.2018


Mr. Rakesh Gupta

B-490, Western Plaza

New Delhi

Sub: 30 Days’ Notice to Vacate Letter

Dear Mr. Gupta,

This is letter in context of the residential property that you rented with me on 1st June 2014 for five years. This is a formal 30 days’ notice to vacate this property latest by 15.06.2018.

I myself need to shift in this apartment the next month because I had to retire from my job voluntarily because of some health issues. That’s why I need the apartment vacated within 30 days.

As per our rental agreement as well, I can ask you to vacate the property within 30 days. Therefore, in case you fail to vacate the apartment within this duration then I will be compelled to take the required legal action against you.

Please share a list of all the damages or destruction in the apartment. I would also like to visit the apartment anytime this week so that I can have a look at everything myself. Do let me know the best time for you. For any further details, you can get in touch with me at +91-98980-12345.

Thanking in anticipation.


Adarsh Swami

Click here to Download 30 Days Notice to Vacate Letter from Landlord in Word Format


Letter to Notify Employees of Emission Test in Company Campus

Government has been constantly warning about the harmful effects of vehicle emissions. Some good companies consider it to be their corporate responsibility and therefore, they arrange for an emission test within their campus for all their employees at nominal charges. This test usually takes place at a massive scale and saves the time and energy of the employees to individually visit the gas stations. If your Company is also planning the same then you must send a formal notification letter to your employees in advance informing them about the emission test that is planned to be conducted.

Use the sample letter notifying the vehicle emission test within the company to inform your employees. Such letters usually are short and contain details of the test like date, time etc.

Format for Letter Notifying Emission Test in Company Premises


Vedant Kumar

Human Resource Manager

Zodiac Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.

M.D. Road


Date: 21.05.18

Subject: Emission Test in Company Premises

Dear Employees,

On behalf of the Management, I would like to inform you that the Company is organizing an “Emission Test for Employees’ Vehicles” in association with India’s Gas Station to conduct emission tests for the vehicles of all the employees of the company.

The details of the event are as follows:

Date: 24th and 29th May, 2018

Timings: From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Parking Area, Block- A

Charges: Rs. 40 for each vehicle

All the arrangements have been made and we look forward to have more and more employees getting the emission test conducted for their vehicles to make it a successful event.


Vedant Kumar

Human Resource Manager

Zodiac Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.