Experience Certificate Sample for Accountant

If as the manager or owner of your company, you have received request from your former accountant for Experience Certificate then you must frame a professional certificate which includes the tenure of working of that candidate along with general comment on his working. The purpose of this document is for his future jobs as it authenticates it association and working with your organization.

If you haven’t framed such a certificate ever then use the format for Experience Certificate for Accountant for creating a personalized document with essential details.

Experience Certificate Sample for Accountant

Date: 06th Nov, 2015


This is to certify that Mr. Jacob Smith was associated with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. at the post of Accountant from 01st July, 2013 till 15th October, 2015. He was getting a remuneration package of $ 1,500 per month along with free accommodation and travelling expenses.

During his tenure, we found him very dedicated, committed and punctual with his working. He discharged all his service with excellence.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

For ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Andrew Smith

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7 thoughts on “Experience Certificate Sample for Accountant

  1. Please send me experience latter as a post of an accountant

    It’s a urgent please and send me top priority please

  2. Dear Sir/Madam ,
    This is Sindhu. I am working as a accountant past 14 months . Now i want to resign the job on july 5th so i need the experience letter. I am expert in Accounts payable and receivables. Overall i need experience letter on 17 months please send to my mail id .

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